Resource and Presenter Attachments


Sometimes you might need additional supporting materials for an activity or for a student video submission.  Did you know you can add any type of file as an attachment to both activities and videos?
(Note:  They must be locally saved files - you can't submit google docs or other cloud based files.)

For Instructors:

You can add additional resources to an activity from the activity settings menu.  Select the activity and click the green Edit button  next to the activity name.  Click Continue if you see a prompt about editing activities, and then click the +Resource button in the lower left.

For Students:

You can add additional files to your video submission by selecting your video in the dashboard and clicking the green Edit button  on the far right.  Then click the +Add button under Presenter Attachments to upload your file(s). When adding an attachment to your video GoReact generally accepts all file types except EXE. 

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