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Did you know that you can link your Library with your LMS account?  If you've been using GoReact for a month or for years, you probably have a number of items in your GoReact Library.  This is a great way to make your resources available to any course you create (or even to your organization) and can save you a ton of time.  

After you've added the GoReact tool to your LMS assignment (see Fig. 1) you will be automatically taken to the GoReact activity setup page (see Fig. 2). (See our help guide for a full walkthrough on how to add GoReact to your assignment.)

To link your library and course activities to your LMS account, click the Sign In button (see Fig. 2). 

Sign in with your credentials (see Fig. 3).

Your Libary and activities can now be accessed in your LMS.  (Note:  This only works one-way - you can't share your LMS content with your account.)

Warning!  Your Learning Management System and are completely separate systems.  GoReact assignments created in an LMS can only be accessed by logging into your LMS.  You cannot see or access them on   The same applies to courses created on - they are not visible and cannot be accessed through your LMS.

(GoReact currently supports Canvas integration and we will be releasing Blackboard and D2L very soon.  Other LMS's to follow!)



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