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An Instructor or a Student Cannot Access Their Canvas Account
Can I Copy Materials, Activities, etc from GoReact to Canvas
A Student has Paid for a Canvas Course and are Being Asked for Payment Again
Instructor Sees a 'T' in Gradebook
A Student Has 2 Canvas ID's
Gradebook is not Auto-Populating
Cannot Access GoReact Course Through Canvas
Instructor wants to see Feedback and Video Feed at the Same Time


An Instructor or a Student Cannot Access Their Canvas Account:

Problem:  An Instructor (most commonly) or a student (less commonly) cannot access their canvas account.

Possible Solution:

  1. If an instructor cannot access their GoReact account within Canvas it is most likely that they have 2 accounts.  1 account would be on the other through Canvas.  Since neither of these accounts can communicate with the other (meaning they cannot access the account in Canvas) so you can give them their second account email name by responding that it seems you have 2 accounts one is your school email and the other your gmail.  To access your Canvas account use your school email account name.

  2. This problem can exist outside of just Canvas and GoReact accounts, meaning that someone has 2 or more accounts for 1 course and 1 is paid and the other is not.  Usually they are trying to access the one that is not paid so we can give them the email suffix that corresponds to the account that is paid and usually delete the second account as to avoid confusion for them.


Can I Copy Materials, Activities, etc from GoReact to Canvas:

Problem:  Is it possible to copy materials from a goreact account into your canvas account and share the library, etc?


  1. Yes, an instructor can link their Canvas and their GoReact accounts and that will give them access to library items as well as the ability to copy activities from a course on GoReact.


A Student has Paid for a Canvas Course and are Being Asked for Payment Again:

Problem:  A student has paid for a canvas goreact course using either a credit card or an access code, but they are still being asked for their payment.

Possible Solution:

  1. Check to verify that they have in fact paid, but then check their account to see if they have a credit sitting there that for some reason did not get consumed.  The reason for it is still unknown.


An Instructor Sees a 'T' in Gradebook While the Submissions Had Been Graded:

Problem:  An instructor sees a 'T' in Gradebook inside Canvas, but says that the videos have been graded.

Possible Solution:

  1. Looking through Canvas’ own documentation the - means that a student has no submission for that given assignment.  According to the professor the student’s that had the - did have a grade in GoReact, but no information was provided to allow us to see who had ownership of the video.  In that course there were 3 videos that were awaiting start and the instructor mentioned 3 entries that had -’s, connected?  *NOTE* An instructor can go in and manually enter a grade in a field that is showing a -.
  2. If the app was not installed correctly the grades will not pass to GradeBook.  Once the app is correctly installed the grades will pass; however, the videos that were previously graded will have to be manually entered.  This does mean that new videos graded will pass through.
  3. There is another gateway for the grades to pass that if the student has not entered the activity the grade will not pass to gradebook.


A Student Appears to Have 2 Canvas ID's:

Problem:  A student appears to have 2 Canvas ids.

Possible Solution:

  1. There was a window where users could have self registered for a Canvas course through, so if a user shows something like Canvas University of Something , University of Something, this is incorrect.  As a normal user cannot belong to 2 organizations so we should remove them from the Canvas course on that id and make sure to add them to that same Canvas course on their Canvas id.


An Instructor is Reporting that Gradebook is not Auto-Populating and the Videos are Presenter Self Record:

Problem:  An instructor is reporting that grades from GoReact are not populating in Gradebook, but that all the videos were student self record (thus the student’s would be the owners).

Possible Causes:

  1. If the instructor had to manually install the GoReact app on the manual configuration the Privacy needs to be set to Public.  If it is not that will cause GradeBook to not auto populate.
  2. When manually installing the GoReact app the shared secret should always be goreact all one word all lowercase.  If there is a type-o in that it would also cause the gradebook to not auto populate because goreact wouldn’t be able to authenticate.
  3. There is a bug now where the instructor needs to click the comment button instead of the play button for the grade to pass to GradeBook.  DEV-2969


Cannot Access GoReact Course Through Canvas:

Problem:  A student claims to not be able to access their GoReact course through Canvas.

Possible Causes:  

  1. The course is set up through and thus would not be available through Canvas.
  2. There were courses that were created in both goreact and Canvas and the instructor is expecting the submissions in one medium while possibly telling the class to use the other.
  3. Before we split the goreact accounts and the Canvas accounts it is possible that we deleted the wrong user id, thus it isn’t passing authentication and recreates a new user id.  In these cases there is work that has to be done on the database side of things.  These cases should be very few and isolated.
  4. Also if a student claims that they cannot access their feedback most likely the instructor has closed the assignment.  If the instructor deletes the open and close dates and saves the changes to the activity it will then open up the feedback for the students.
  5. If the student is looking for their feedback make sure that they are not looking in GradeBook.


Instructor Wants to See the Feedback and the Video Feed at the Same Time:

Problem:  An instructor wants to be able to see the feedback window and the video at the same time inside of Canvas.

Possible Solution:

  1. The instructor needs to change the activity settings.  Right under the box where they check to use an external tool (i.e. GoReact) there is a box that says Open this in a new tab.  Check that box and save the settings.  Now when they go into that activity the feedback and the video will be side by side.



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