Issues With the Activity or the Submission


A Student's Video Will Not Submit
I Cannot See Others' Comments and Video Comments Do Not Auto Play
A Stimulus Video and the Response Do Not Start at the Same Time
Teacher Had the Wrong Rubric Attached


Student's Video Will Not Submit:

Problem:  A student's video will not submit.

Possible Solutions:  

  1. The user could be using an out of date browser, if it still will not submit and they have tried multiple browsers, then proceed to solution 2.
  2. The user may not have a connection that conforms to GoReact’s minimum specifications.  You can send them the speedtest and if it fails then suggest that they go somewhere else or even plug directly into their modem.  If that still does not work look to solution 3.
  3. The user may have clock settings that they have manually configured (e.g. they live on the east coast, but their computer’s time zone is set as Pacific and then the clock is manually changed).  If this seems to be the case adjust the time zone to the correct one and adjust the clock to the correct time, then the upload should be able to complete as per normal.  This is a security protocol that only applies to uploads so that they cannot change when the video was submitted as to not be flagged as being late.
  4. It is possible that when the professor set-up that class that he did so with the incorrect date (i.e. class ending prematurely), or that the default 6 month window that we set has lapsed.


I Cannot See Others' Comments and Video Comments Do Not Auto Play:

Problem:  I can only see my own comments where I should be able to see everyone's comments.  The video comments do not auto play.

Possible Solutions:

  1. The Instructor may have "Peer Critique" enabled, but "All Comments Made Public" no enabled.  The instructor can adjust those settings to make all comments made public by changing the activity settings.
  2. If the "All Comments Made Public" is enabled the person just needs to click the play arrow instead of the reply bubble.  While the buttons in essence allow a person to see and review a video the logic has not changed in which if you are playing a video you want to see everything in its context (including video replies which you can toggle auto play on or off with the refresh icon) where the reply you don’t want the video to stop every time a person leaves a video reply you want to only in essence see your own work on the video.  
  3. To change the Auto Play settings for video comments there is a toggle switch (looks like the Chrome Refresh icon) if toggled on the main video will pause and the video comment will play.  Once the video comments finish the user has to close the video comment and at that time the main video will continue playing.


A Stimulus Video and the Response Do Not Start at the Same Time:

Problem:  In a stimulus video response activity the stimulus and the video response do not start at the same time.

Possible Solutions:

  1. There was a fix that went out with youtube videos not starting at the correct time, but I am not sure if there is a current way for us to manually adjust this.  There is a JIRA ticket for this that will allow us to fix this, but at this time we do not have the ability to fix this.  DEV-1111\


A Teacher Had the Wrong Rubric Attached to the Activity and Graded Some:

Problem: A teacher had the wrong rubric attached to an activity and graded some before noticing and changing it.

Possible Solutions:

  1. We can have the devs go in and delete the rubric sessions, which would delete the grade for the video submissions, but would allow the comments to stay.  Then the instructor would have to go back in and regrade those videos that had their rubric sessions deleted with the new rubric.




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