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Black Screen on Video Playback
Video Playback is Choppy
I Accidentally Deleted My Video
A Video "Fails to Process"
My Video has no sound
Instructor Deleted an Activity and Now Videos Are Missing
A Student's Video Freezes and Then Continues to Play

Black Screen on Video Playback:

Problem:  Black Screen or no media attached once a video has been submitted.

Possible Solutions:

  1. If the user had done a test with their webcam prior to beginning the assignment in GoReact, they must have completely exited out of that application; otherwise, the webcam has been ‘hijacked’ by the other program and thus rendering it unusable inside of GoReact.  If this is the case the user must redo the video.
  2. Right now there are about 15 sessions per day in which the session and the media are never attached together.  To check this give the dev on support for the week the user id number and their course number and they can check the database for any media for that user that did not attach to a session.  You can find both the user id and the course id in the url.
  3. Their adobe flash is not up to date.  There is a measure implemented now which will check the recording a few seconds into the session to make sure that the recording is working properly.  If it is not they will have a pop up to update their Adobe Flash player, which will not make them leave the page, so they should never have a video that just doesn’t record or once Flash is updated won’t let them back into an assignment.  This prompt may not happen in the case of situation 1, or if they have clicked to not allow flash for instance inside of Chrome.
  4. There could be a problem with their upload speed, in which you can refer them to speedtest, or their browser may not be up to date.  GoReact only supports the browsers that are current or one release previous to the most current.  We also require a stable internet connection and a minimum upload speed of 0.5Mbps.  Also there are some versions of browsers that were just bad such as I.E. 10 or Safari 9.0.3 which caused a lot of issues.  A browser update should fix those issues.


Video Playback is Choppy:

Problem:  Video playback is choppy

Possible Solutions:

  1. The user’s internet connection is slow enough that it requires some additional buffering time.
  2. When the user records their video and it did not conform to our minimum standards and thus to maintain a consistent flow frames are cut or dropped.  This could be extremely problematic for ASL classes.  If this happens the user must go somewhere with a more stable internet connection and re-submit their video.  This should solve the choppy video feel.
  3. This can also be a symptom of the ip address switch that will at times accompany switching networks and will also have chunks that have been lost.  See DEV-2821.  There is another possible ip switch that we know of where in the middle of a recording their visible ip changes which then re-assigns the session with the new ip to Wowza and the recording time resets.  The only real solution for this problem is with the upcoming Amazon S3 servers that are not available yet.


I Accidentally Deleted My Video:

Problem:  I accidentally deleted my video and now it is gone.

Possible Solutions:

  1. If they are using they can enter their trash can and retrieve their own video, but the videos will auto delete from their trash can after 30 days.  If it has been past 30 days it needs to be escalated to the devs for them to restore in the database.  Conversely there is not a way right now for someone to empty their own trash.
  2. Inside of Canvas there is no trash can icon, so we can retrieve the video for them on the GoReact side of their Canvas course; however, if it is past the 30 day window the devs will have to undelete it inside the database.


A Video "Fails to Process":

Problem:  A student sees their video has "Failed to Process"

Possible Solutions:

  1. This is most likely because somehow the file got corrupted, which the most likely candidate for that happening is due to a poor internet connection.
  2. This can also be seen if there was a failure that happened as the file came back from Encoding, but this is even rarer than the previous answer.
  • The Solution for these issues is to have the student redo their video submission.


My Video Has No Sound:

Problem:  My video was recorded, but there is no sound now

Possible Causes:

  1. They had not selected their microphone in the dropdown menu inside of GoReact or they had selected the mic but the mic was muted.
  2. If they say that they checked to make sure their mic was working prior to recording, it may be possible that they had a program still open that uses the mic so it was essentially hijacked by that program so it would not be able to be used by GoReact.
  3. Download the video and open it using some form of video editing software. Check if there is an audio track. If there is an audio track then you can raise the volume for them and re-upload or tell them to do it. If there is no audio track then we know their mic was not on or connected.


  1. Let them know that inside of GoReact there is an audio meter on the bottom left side of the screen that will give them instantaneous feedback as to their audio.  It could show nothing, in which case look at cause 1.  It could show yellow, which means that there is sound, but it is very weak.  It could show green which means that the sound is ideal.  Or it could show red meaning that the sound is loud.
  2. The only answer if there was indeed no audio trac to adjust then the only option the student has is redo the video.


An Instructor Deleted an Activity and Now Videos Are Missing:

Problem:  An instructor reports deleting activities because they didn’t know they were tied to a class and now videos are missing.

Possible Causes:

  1. If the activity was created on an account level that would mean that there should be the same activity number in each course.  If the activity was then deleted from the root account level there would not show as activities being deleted from each course because they were deleted from the account level.  Once deleted all the videos attached to those activities would be deleted as well.

Possible Solution:

  1. Have the devs restore the activity from the account level then it will be restored to each class and all the videos attached to that activity for each course will also be restored.


A Student's Videos Freezes For a Few Seconds and Then Continues:

Problem: A student video freezes for a few seconds and then continues to play

Possible Solution:

  1. This happens for one of two reasons: either connection issues or low computer resources.  With the latter the fix is fairly straight forward as all they may need to do is close out some browser windows and reboot the computer.
  2. The former can be solved by getting a more reliable connection either through plugging their computer straight in or getting a better wifi connection.
  3. There is also a JIRA ticket right now in which we were able to see that somehow the visible ip changes and the session get stickied to a different wowza server.  This can cause a jump or cut in the video where we drop a section of it.  The fix for that is with an upcoming feature from Amazon S3 servers so until that is available there is no way to fix this issue.





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