Request for Information
Information for Purchase of Access Codes
Generate More Codes
Show No Data as to Who Deleted a Comment


Request for Information:

Problem:  You get a request for information.


  1. Take the information and in a private session with Glen and Wing ping them directly in Slack with the information which they will then distribute to their team.  The close the ticket with an internal note.


Information for Purchase of Access Codes:

Problem:  An instructor is requesting information on the purchase of access codes for their students.


  1. You can have them get in contact with their local bookstore or you can send them the .pdf of information on how to get in contact with our distributor.  The .pdf is located in Google Drive in the Customer Service Folder and it is entitled: Bookstore Info.

  2. Transfer the instructor to sales who can take the payment and arrange for the delivery of codes.


Generate More Codes:

Problem:  We need to generate more codes for either student Canvas issues or for a paying customer.


  1. The proper path of escalation  I found out today is to contact Ken.  NOTE:  We are not to give the codes generated for Support Issues out to an instructor who wants a group of codes, as the Support codes are charged for $0.  Instead we are to escalate those situations to Ken who would generate a new batch of codes for them and invoice them separately.


Show No Data as to Who Deleted a Comment:

Problem:  We show no data as to who deleted a comment.


  1. Currently we do not track in the DB who deleted a comment this seems to apply to all comment types.


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