Issues With Dashboard or Logins


Long Running Script Error
User Has 2 Accounts With the Same Email Address
Course is Set to Org Pay, When it Should Be Student Pay and it is Out of Time
A Student is Trying to Sign-Up for a Course, but Instructor is not listed
Unauthorized to Record
Mac Believes Firefox 31 is Up to Date
Verify Login Data
Upload and Record Buttons are Grayed Out


Long Running Script Error:

Problem:  You have a ticket mentioning a script error and they are using IE 11

Possible Solution:

  1. The fix for this went out a bit ago, but if they are still getting that error they can try using a different browser and that should fix the problem.  There are also tickets in JIRA for sharing library items using Edge or Firefox which can cause the long running script error. 


User Has 2 Accounts With the Same Email Address:

Problem:  A user has 2 GoReact accounts, but both have the same email address.

Possible Solution:

  1. This can happen if they use a separate authenticator (such as in the case of BYU where their students and instructors use  In these cases make sure we find out which one of the accounts is their account and which is their personal account on This can become a bit of a tricky situation because accounts can be set to different billing entities so in most cases transferring the media from one to another is not possible.
  2. There was at one point a bug where multiple account would be created in succession where the user ids would be sequential.  In those cases we can redact the duplicate accounts.


Course is Set to Org Pay, When it Should Be Student Pay and it is Out of Time:

Problem:  A course is set to org pay when it should be set to student pay and the course is out of time.  If a student has a session listed as awaiting start it will still show the student if they only have a limited amount of time to record even if the course has been converted to student pay.

Possible Solution:

  1. All that needs to be done is to delete the session that is awaiting start and re-start the session then the course should then revert to the student pay module.  See JIRA issue:  DEV-2895


A Student is Trying to Sign-Up for a Course, But Their Instructor is Not Listed:

Problem:  A student is trying to sign up for a course under a specific instructor, but that instructor does not show that course.

Possible Solution:

  1. This has happened when an admin creates the course and then invites someone to be an instructor so in those cases the course will only show under the person who actually created it.  So the fix is to have the invited instructor also create the course and then that would allow for the students to select the instructor by name.


"Unauthorized to Record" Error Inside of GoReact:

Problem:  I get an error saying I am “unauthorized to record” while inside of goreact.

Possible Cause:

  1. This is caused by having a course in goreact and a course in Canvas and logging into one then using the same browser logging into the other.  So that when you go back to the first it is says that you are not authorized because it has effectively signed you out of the first to sign you into the second.

Possible Solution:

  1. Have them either use goreact and canvas in separate browsers or have them only use one at a time.


Mac Running 10.9 Believes Firefox Version 31 is Up to Date:

Problem:  A Mac 10.9 believes Firefox Version 31 is up to date.

Possible Cause:

  1. This is a known issue with Firefox on Mac see:

Possible Solution:

  1. You can try and have them manually go in and update firefox from Mozilla or you can have them switch to Chrome.


Verify Login Data:

Problem:  We need to verify a student’s login data and need to know how often they are forced to re-login.

Possible Solution:

  1. The default login duration is now 30 hours; although, we can see what happens in that window with the new admin tools.


Upload and Record Buttons are Grayed Out:

Problem:  The Upload and Record buttons are grayed out

Possible Solution:

  1. Those buttons inherit the Default Activity Settings from the account level.  So if the default activity type was set on the account level as a Stimulus Comment Only those buttons are naturally greyed out.  The solution would be to change the default activity type to Presenter Self Record and those buttons should return.


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