Students - How to record/submit assignments


1. In Canvas, select the Assignment you want to submit.

2. If you need to purchase GoReact for this course, the first GoReact assignment you open will guide you through your purchase.  (You only need to do this once per course.  Hoorah!)

3. Click Create Video.  Allow Adobe Flash access to your webcam.

  • Note for Chrome users:  Chrome now has a separate camera permission that must be allowed.  You'll see a bar at the top of the screen - click Allow here as well to enable your webcam.

4. Click Record.  To Stop or Pause, click Stop then Resume as needed.

NOTE:  If the activity is a test you cannot stop or resume your video as it will automatically post the video once you stop the recording.

5. To trim the beginning or ending of your video, click the scissors icon to enter Trim Mode. Then click and drag the handles at either end of the trim bar. When finished, click Post at the top of the video window. To cancel your trim, exit Trim Mode by clicking the scissors button again.

You're done!  Now, celebrate with a nice grilled cheese sandwich.  Or a much-needed nap.

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