Instructors - How to create a GoReact Assignment


(If you haven't set up the GoReact tool yet, please see our guides for Adding GoReact to your Canvas account or Adding GoReact to Canvas via URL before proceeding.)

1. In Canvas, create an Assignment as normal.  Give your assignment a name, then under Submission Type, select External Tool.

2. Click the External Tool URL field to bring up the Configure External Tool dialog box, click on the Find button and select GoReact.  (In order to see video submissions side by side with the feedback panel, make sure to check "Load This Tool In A New Tab.") Then Save or Save and Publish the assignment.  

3. Select the Activity Type and options you'd like, then click Done.  Voila!  As students submit recordings you can critique and grade them right here.

Note:  If you link your account with your Canvas account then you will be able to use resources and activities from into Canvas. 

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