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What are Markers?

Markers are a set of labels that you can create for marking up a video in GoReact alongside your comments. Markers are time-coded into the video within the comment stream.

Some ways you might use Markers are to indicate:

Use of crutch words Spatial referencing
Behavior tagging Theme or role shifting
Slide transitions Finger spelling
Facial expression Classifiers

Markers are customizable, color-coded, and are automatically saved as a "Marker Set" to your Library for reuse in other Activities.


How do I set up a Marker?

There are two ways to set up a Marker: when you create or edit an Activity, or when editing your Library. Click "+Marker" from the Activity Settings screen if you haven’t created any Markers before or click "Library" from the dashboard to choose and edit Marker Sets you've already added.

Here you can title the Markers however you’d like and can change the color of the Marker by clicking on the colored box. Hit Enter to create your Marker and the next Marker will be ready to name and create. When finished, click Done and you’re ready to start using your Markers.


Marker Sets

Marker Sets are how you organize the Markers you have created. You can think of them as a group of Markers that belong together and that can be easily added to an Activity. Just like individual Markers, they can be shared and re-used between account owners and Activities. (Note that you can have one Marker Set per Activity.)


Using Markers in Feedback

Once a Marker Set is enabled for an Activity, you'll see the Marker Bar in the feedback panel to the right of any video in that Activity. As the video plays, you can now simply click on a tag instead of typing a comment. Comments are still available if more information is needed.

You can reply to, edit, or delete your Markers in the same way you would for comments - simply hover over the tag in the Comments section and select the appropriate tool on the right.

Markers will also show as colored dots in the feedback graph, in the same way that comments do, so you can visually see the distribution throughout the video. Additionally, you can see the combined total of each Marker used on the right side of the feedback graph.

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