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The GoReact Recorder app is available from the iTunes App Store for iOS devices and from the Google Play Store for Android devices. The images below are for the iOS version.  Android will look slightly different but works exactly the same.  

(NOTE: The GoReact Recorder app does not work for LMS courses.)


The login screen first asks for your email, then presents you with login options associated to your account. Most commonly it will just ask for your password, but if you have an institutional login, or have logged in using Google or Facebook, it will give you those option(s).

Note: If you use an institutional login, you need to begin with the email address you have registered in GoReact. If not, we won't be able to present you with your login option.

By default, the app will remember your login. If you wish to change that setting, tap the top menu icon and then Settings.  Toggle "Remember login credentials" on or off, whichever you prefer.

If you forget your GoReact password, tap "Forgot Password" to initiate a password reset email.


Home Screen

The Recorder home screen lets you choose to record a new video, or select an already recorded video from your device's video library.

After choosing one of the options, you'll be asked to select which GoReact Activity the video is for. Current activities for current classes will be displayed.



Video Recording

If you chose Record, then you'll next go to the Record screen. Orient your device to landscape (unless you have a really good reason for portrait) and tap the red Record button to begin. Tap it again to finish. You'll be taken to the Post Video screen.

Existing Video

If you chose to upload an existing video, you'll be taken to your video library screen. Select the video, and your device will prepare it for upload and send you to the Post Video screen.


Post Video

Once your video is recorded or selected, you'll see the Post Video screen. You can do a few things on this screen:

  • Preview the video - tap the video thumbnail to preview what you're about to post.
  • Add a title (optional) - Add a title to your video. If it's not added, it will still post to GoReact with your name as the Presenter along with the Activity name.
  • Change the Activity - tap the Activity on this screen to choose a different one, if needed.
  • Trim the video - tap the Trim button to clip the video and only post the portion you wish to. The trim screen allows you to drag the start/end handles and then preview the trimmed version. Tap "Save" to save your trimmed version, and then return to the Post screen.

When your video is ready, tap "Upload Video" and it will begin uploading to the GoReact website.


In Progress Videos - Interrupted Uploads

If your video upload is interrupted for any reason (loss of Wifi, user-cancelled, etc.), the video is posted to your device's video library for future retrieval and added to your "In Progress" list.

To access the In Progress list, tap the number at the bottom of the Home Screen, or tap the menu icon (top left) and then tap "In Progress".


From here, you can either tap the video to resume uploading, or tap the 'X' to delete the video from your upload queue.

Note: If you have "In Progress" videos, you'll see that in 3 places - a badge on the app icon, a number at the bottom of your home screen, and a badge on the In Progress menu item.



The GoReact Recorder app has two in-app settings:

  • Cellular Data for Uploads - this setting allows your app to use cellular data to upload videos when a Wifi connection cannot be found. This is OFF by default. Note that if you choose to enable this, data usage rates from your carrier will apply.
  • Remember Login Credentials - For convenience, this will automatically log you in to GoReact in the future once you've logged in successfully the first time. Turn this off if you don't wish for the Recorder to remember you.

In addition, in iOS the GoReact Recorder will prompt you for 3 access points to your device. If you decline, you'll need to go back to the Privacy page of your Settings app and turn them on for proper functioning.

  • Camera & Microphone - both required ON for recording in the app
  • Photos - required ON for accessing your device's video library to upload existing videos




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