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How do I Critique a Video?

To critique a video, click the Comment icon critique_hover.png next to a video on your dashboard. Timeline comments may be entered either during a live in-class recording, or during video playback.

If reviewing an already recorded video, you'll be taken to the feedback panel alongside the video where you can enter feedback according to the options set on the Activity. (If you are unable to post feedback, you may need to contact your instructor to enable peer or self critiques.) As soon as you start typing text or adding any other type of feedback the video will stop automatically and will start again when you hit Enter or finish your feedback.

If reviewing a LIVE presentation, you'll be taken to a similar screen, only you'll see a timer instead of a video in the video panel. That way you'll be able to keep your eyes on the actual presenter. :)


Comment & Rating Feedback

(Please note that each type of feedback must be enabled by your instructor for any given activity. You'll need to contact the instructor if you are unable to give the desired type of feedback.)

How do I Enter Timeline Comments?

To enter a comment, just type it in the Comment box (lower right) on the playback screen and hit ‘Enter.’ The comment is saved to the appropriate spot on the timeline.

If you're commenting on a recorded video, then the video player will stop automatically whenever you start typing a comment, and resume playing when you hit Enter.

How do I Add a Video Comment?

To add a video comment, go to the appropriate spot in the video you are critiquing and click the Record, Upload, or YouTube icon. Once you finish recording or uploading your video comment it will automatically be saved to the comment timeline. You may optionally add text comments beneath your video comment.

How do I Add an Audio Comment?

To add an audio comment, click the Audio button. Record your comments and click Stop when you are done. The audio comment will be automatically saved to the comment timeline. You may optionally add text comments beneath your audio comment.

How do I Add a Comment From my Library?

To add a comment you have previously uploaded to your Library, click the Library button and select the appropriate item. It will be automatically saved to the comment timeline.

What is an "End Note"?

End Comments are longer, final comments that allow you to summarize your observations. They may be up to 2,000 characters long and will appear at the end of the comment list on the video.

To enter an End Comment, click the "End Comment" button at lower right next to the main comment box.

How do I Edit a Comment I've Already Posted?

Click the Edit  button next to any comment to edit it. While editing text-only feedback you may also change it's position in the timeline by clicking on the time stamp at the top left corner of the feedback panel. Then use the slider to move it to the desired point in time and click the Save Change button to the right to save the new time stamp. You can also use the +/- if you need to move your comment by only a second or two.  Then save the changes as described above.  You may also delete any comment by clicking the Delete delete_hover.png button next to it.

How do I Enter Ratings?

When critiquing a live or recorded video which has Ratings enabled, you’ll see a Ratings box to the right of the feedback graph (see screenshot below). As soon as practical once the live presentation or video begins, choose an Opening Rating (1-7). You’ll then see an expanding rating line on the graph over time as the recording continues.

As your opinion changes (up or down), click the up/down arrows (or use your up/down arrow keyboard keys) to adjust your rating along the timeline of the video. The graph will keep up with your changes in real time.

Who Can Enter Comments/Ratings?

By default, Instructors and Reviewers can give feedback on any video.

In addition, instructors can give permission for peers or the presenters themselves to critique the video as well. These permissions are controlled in the Activity Settings for the Activity the video belongs to. For more on setting up all comments are public and peer critique options, see Activity Setup.


Using Rubric Evaluations

To add a structured evaluation to an Activity, instructors may add a Rubric on the Activity Setup screen. When critiquing a video, click the "Evaluations" tab on the feedback panel to view the rubric and enter your structured responses.

If the rubric contains points items, the scoring will update automatically as you select items.

When you have completed your evaluation, click the "Post" button at the top, and your evaluation will be posted!

If your evaluation is incomplete, simply exit without posting. Your responses are auto-saved and will be available the next time you return to that video.

Who Can Enter Evaluations?

Currently, only instructors and reviewers can enter evaluations on a video using a rubric. If more than one scored evaluation is completed for a video, the video score will be the average of the posted evaluations.


Additional Feedback Questions

Who Can View Feedback?

Instructors and Reviewers can always see all comments on all videos. Presenters can view all comments on their OWN videos (i.e. where they are the Presenter).

When using peer review, peers can see only their OWN comments on other people’s videos, not anyone else’s comments, unless the option "All comments are public" is checked on the Activity.

Can I Record First and Then Review Later?

Yes. GoReact allows for both live feedback (during a presentation) and after-the-fact reviews and comments, whichever you prefer. If needed, you can do both — critique the presentation live, then go back later for edits and additional comments.

How Many People can Critique a Video?

As many GoReact users as you like may review a video, as long as you’ve given them permission to do so. Note that there is a specific permission for allowing a presenter to comment their own video. The reviewer must be in your course/folder or account group to give feedback.

How Soon is a Reviewed Video Available for the Presenter?

Immediately! It’s all recorded and securely available in real-time anywhere from our cloud service.

Can I "Hold" Feedback so a Presenter Can't See it Yet?

Rubric evaluations are held until they are Posted by the reviewer. They are not visible until posted.

Comments and ratings are available immediately upon entering.

Tip for holding comments: If you do not tag the individual video with the presenter's name under "Presenters", then they will only have peer permissions until they are added as the Presenter. Once you add them as a Presenter, they'll be able to see all comments. (Extra Tip: To help you keep track, you can put their name in the "Title" field of the video, then tag them as an actual Presenter later on when you want them to see all comments.)


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