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How do I Set Up a Course
What is the Difference Between a Course and a Folder
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Can I Copy Activities from a Previous Course
How do I Set Up Courses for Other Instructors


How do I Set up a Course or Folder?

Click the New Course button on the left-side panel and the course popup appears. (To create a folder instead, click the arrow next to New Course and use the New Folder option. Note: Folders DO NOT function the same way as Courses and most users will want to use the Course option. See below.)


What’s the Difference Between a Course and a Folder?

Both are ways to organize videos (and users) in your GoReact account. A Coursehas a start/end date, whereas a Folder is a permanent group of videos. In addition, ALL recordings created in a Folder will consume the owner's time. Presenters cannot purchase their own recording time for a Folder.


How do I Set Up Other Instructors for Their Courses?

If you need additional instructor users for YOUR courses/folders (such as a co-instructor or teaching assistant), simply invite those users with the Invite button and give them an Instructor or Reviewer permission.


If other instructors want to use GoReact for THEIR OWN courses, they should sign up for their own GoReact account. They can share their account/courses with you as needed using the Invite feature as well.

How do I Pay for Recording Hours in My Courses?

You may either:

    • Use recording hours in your account. Each instructor accounts comes with 30 free minutes, but as of 23 June 2016 we no longer sell hours.  Please contact our sales team at 801-717-3499 if you need to set up department licensing or to purchase volume access codes. (see our Pricing Page for details).
    • Choose a Student-Pay Option. Have students/participants pay a nominal fee for their GoReact use in your course (see details for the available Student-Pay options below).

When you create your course, choose the appropriate option as shown in the screenshot above. 


Student-Pay Option

At GoReact we do our best to keep the costs as low as possible for your students.

Current student pricing is as follows:

  • $19.99 per course - Each student pays $19.99, which allows unlimited video submissions per course (up to 90 minutes in length per video).
  • $99.95 for a 5 year unlimited plan - For students that will need to use GoReact for more than five courses during their program, we now offer a an unlimited plan.  With this plan students can enroll in unlimited courses and upload unlimited videos (up to 90 minutes in length per video) for up to 5 years.

How it works:  When a student logs into GoReact and selects a course that requires payment, they will be prompted to go to the payment page and pay their fee oline

When a pay option is selected, students will be asked to pay their fee online (by credit card) through GoReact when they log into the system, or enter an access code if purchased through a bookstore or bundled with a textbook.

Pre-paid seats option: If you would like to pre-pay the student seats for this course, contact us at to pay for the number of student seats you require. (Then students will not be required to pay when they register in GoReact.)

Bookstore ordering: If you wish to make the student fee available for purchase at your bookstore, see our Bookstore ordering information.

Can I Copy Activities from a Previous Course?


Definitely! When setting up your course, you'll see a "Copy Activities from..." selection at the bottom of course creation window. Choose the course you wish to copy from, and ALL the activities from that course will be copied into your new course, with all of their settings. That'll save a bunch of time, right?


If you have used due dates, GoReact will take its best guess at new dates based on your new course dates. Then you'll see all the activities in the Activity Manager window, where you can adjust dates and make other finalizations to your new Activity list for the course.

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