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Videos are not Showing on the Dashboard
I Can't Log in
My Dashboad is Blank
What if My Internet Connection Goes Down?


Videos are not showing in my dashboard (or my students’ dashboard).

Check the following settings on the Activity by clicking the green  Edit icon:

  • If Peer Critique is not checked, participants will only be able to see their own videos, but no one else's.
  • If the Available date is set to a future date, students will not be able to see the activity until that date and time.

If you are a student, check with your instructor to make sure the Activity is set up correctly as noted above.


I can't log in to GoReact.

If you have forgotten your password, just use the Forgot Password link next to the login box, and a password reset link will be emailed to you.


I've logged in but there's no dashboard (dashboard is blank).

Script and ad blockers can prevent GoReact from working correctly.  If you are running any plugins or extensions like uBlock, AdBlock, or NoScript please make sure to disable them for GoReact or add GoReact to their whitelist.  This will restore proper functionality for our website.


What if my internet connection goes down? 

GoReact is a web-based tool, so an internet connection is required for normal use.  But what if your connection goes down, right in the middle of class?  You won't be able to record directly into GoReact or upload your files to us until the connection is restored, but you may not have to cancel class just yet!  Recording your videos locally might just get you through the outage.  (Some of these items do require prior preparation.)

Here's what you'll need:

  • For PCs, Windows Movie Maker is a free tool you can use to record and save your videos.  Once you have it installed, click the Webcam Video button and start your recording.  

    When you're done, click Stop and you'll be prompted to save your file.  Once your connection is restored, simply upload your file to GoReact.

  • For Macs, iMovie should do the trick and is also free.  Once you have it installed, click File > New Movie.  Then click Import Media and select your webcam under Cameras.

    When you're finished recording, save your file and upload it to GoReact once your connection is restored.

  • You can also record your video directly on a mobile device.  The file can later be uploaded through the iOS GoReact Recorder app or by logging into GoReact on your mobile browser and then uploading it to GoReact.  Alternatively, you can transfer the file to your computer with a USB cable and upload the file from there.  (See our mobile app 

    PLEASE NOTE:  Mobile devices usually record in HD automatically.  This creates much larger files than is necessary for GoReact and can take a very long time to upload.  We highly recommend you change the recording resolution to SD (most devices will have presets around 640x480).  This will save you a lot of time and possible headaches later!  Otherwise, you may need to compress your file when you're done.  See our help guide for compressing files here.
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