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Activity Report

This report summarizes the recording & commenting activity for each participant.  Below is a description of each section:

Yellow Section 

The YELLOW section relates to the participant’s CRITIQUING activity.

# Videos Critiqued – How many videos the user has made comments/ratings on for this course

Total Comments – How many total comments the user has entered on all videos

Avg. Comment Length – Average word length of this user’s comments. (Note: this is a computed average and may vary slightly from actual word count.  It’s intended to give a general idea of comment length.)

Green Section 

The GREEN section relates to the participant’s RECORDINGS.

# Videos Presented – How many videos the user is tagged as a Presenter in for this course

Avg. Timeline Rating – Overall time-weighted average of timeline ratings by reviewers for this user’s videos

Avg. End Rating – Average End-of-Session rating for this user’s videos

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