What cameras work with GoReact?


Mobile Devices
Classroom/IP cameras

Any higher-quality webcam should produce decent or better results in a classroom or conference room.  For self-record activities, laptop built-in cams are usually fine.

  • Live Recording requires a recording PC (with Flash) and a webcam that Adobe Flash can access. This recording will be streamed directly to the GoReact servers - no upload is required.
  • Offline Recording is also available - you may record with any other device and upload your video file to GoReact afterward. We highly recommend our free GoReact Recorder app for iOS, or choose your camera based on your quality and convenience needs (camcorder, mobile device, etc.)



We have a Suggested Equipment List, but there are plenty of good ones out there at affordable prices. If using a Mac, be sure to check compatibility first. Not all retail webcams are Mac-compatible.  Also other cameras that have a webcam driver will often work fine with GoReact.



For offline recordings that you upload, camcorders are a great option because they have higher quality.  For live recording, in general camcorders do not have a webcam driver for PCs, so they can't be used for that function. Video quality note: You'll want to record in standard definition (VGA) video size, so you don't create an unnecessarily large file to upload. See the Video Recording Checklist for details.


Mobile Devices 

Smartphones and tablets can be great recorders, but will not record a live stream. If you're on an iOS device, try our free GoReact Recorder app.  Otherwise, for best results on non-iOS devices, record using your device's video recorder and then use the upload feature on your GoReact dashboard (in your mobile browser) to import your video. Updated iOS and Android devices should be able to upload directly to GoReact from the web browser on your device. (You will not be able to record through your mobile browser since Flash is unsupported.)  Video quality note: You'll want to record in standard definition (VGA) video size, so you don't create such a large file to upload. See the Video Recording Checklist for details for your device type.


Classroom/IP Cameras

Some built-in classroom cameras DO have webcam drivers for PCs, and can be used for live recording with GoReact if the webcam driver is installed (for example, on the built-in classroom computer). Your IT people can investigate if such an option is available to you.

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