Administrator install guide for GoReact in Moodle

Initial admin setup

This section explains how to add the GoReact tool to a Moodle platform. Depending on your specific Moodle site's settings, either the Administrator will need to set up the GoReact tool or teachers can set it up when creating an External Tool Activity. If you are a teacher and want to set up the tool, see How to install GoReact on a Moodle Activity. As a Moodle Administrator, please follow these instructions to get the tool installed on your platform:

A. Open the Site Administration section.

B. Open the Plugins section.

C. Open the Activity Modules Section.

D. Open the External Tool section and select "Manage Tools."

E. Under the Manage tools area, select "configure a tool manually."


F. Under Tool Settings enter GoReact as the "Tool Name."

G. Enter as the "Tool Base URL/cartridge URL."

H. Enter your email address as the "Consumer Key."

I. Enter goreact (all lower case) as the "Shared Secret."

J. Change the "Default Launch Container" to "New Window."  PLEASE NOTE: Due to recent security updates in Chrome, you will need to select this option in order for Adobe Flash to work properly for anyone using the Chrome browser.  D2L is working on an update for this issue, but in the meantime, if this option is not checked, the Chrome browser cannot be used with your GoReact assignments.

K. Under "Privacy" set "Share launcher's name with tool," "Share Launcher's email with tool," and "Accept grades from the tool" to "Always."


Once you click Save Changes, the tool will be installed. Please see How to Add GoReact activities to Moodle to learn how to add the tool to an activity. 

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