Admin setup for posting grades in Grade Center

PLEASE NOTE:  there is currently a bug in Blackboard that is preventing grade passback.  We have notified Blackboard support of the issue and are awaiting a fix from their team. 

Blackboard Learn must be configured to allow grades to be added to Blackboard Learn’s Grade Center. Follow the steps here to allow GoReact (and all other tools) to pass grades to Blackboard's Grade Center: 

A. Click the "System Admin tab."

B. Under the "Building Blocks section" click "Building Blocks."

C. Click on "LTI Tool Providers."

D. Open the "Manage Global Properties" tab.



E. Under "Allow configured tool providers to post grades," select "Yes."

F. Click "Submit."




Now what?

You are now ready to set up your first GoReact activity it Blackboard. To do this, please see How to set up a GoReact activity in Blackboard


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