How to add a GoReact assignment to D2L

Instructor or admin activity setup

This document will walk you through how to add a GoReact assignment to your D2L course. If the GoReact app has not been installed by your D2L administrator, that will need to be completed first. Please see Administrator setup of GoReact in D2L. If the tool is installed and ready, please follow these steps to set up a GoReact activity:

A. Login to D2L/Brightspace and select "Content."

B. Add a new (or select an existing) module.

C. Click "Add Existing Activities."

D. Select "External Learning Tools" from the menu.




E. Scroll down and select "Create a New LTI Link."

F. Enter a title for your Activity and enter as the URL.

G. Click "Create and Insert."




H. Open the activity you just created, scroll down and select "Add a grade item . . ."

I. Select an existing grade item or add a new one and click "Save."




To finish setting up your activity, follow the steps inside of the GoReact tool and click "Done." You are all set up!

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