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We're excited to have you use GoReact in your LMS and want to ensure you have a smooth and trouble-free experience! To help avoid any confusion for you or your students, please note the following: 

The most important thing to know when using this integration is that your courses CANNOT be set up on both and on Canvas using the GoReact app. They are separate platforms, so that means courses, videos, payments, and students will not transfer between the two. To access any course materials, you and your students must log in directly through the LMS. 

Note: The GoReact Recorder app does not work with LMS courses.


What is the same?

All of the help documentation you see under our Instructor Documentation will apply to the GoReact app in Blackboard except for the few things mentioned below. 

Using the GoReact app in Blackboard, you can create activities, record/upload videos, use rubrics and markers, assign presenters to videos, and post grades to the videos that will pass to your Gradebook. 


What is different?

You will not see the regular dashboard that you see on Instead, you will access the GoReact app by creating an assignment in Blackboard and selecting the GoReact tool. Then, to access videos submitted to the assignment, you will need to click on that assignment again to open the app. 

The GoReact integration with Blackboard does not allow access to the Stimulus - Comment Only activity type, Activity Reports, the Manage Users page (masking as a student, inviting users, transferring registration), or the Trash can. Also, in the GoReact integration, you cannot create Live Record sessions for all students at once like you can on the website, and any sessions created by the instructor will not pass grades to the Gradebook, even if the presenter is added. 


How to get set up

To get your course set up using the GoReact integration, see How to add GoReact to Blackboard



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