FAQs: Technical Information

Where are the videos stored?

Unless otherwise specified, they will be stored in our secure Amazon cloud storage. We currently use Amazon’s US East (Northern Virginia) Region, with a Europe region to be available soon.

What are the privacy and security considerations?

GoReact is designed from the ground up as a private video service, giving you control over what is shared. All videos are private by default, and are only available to others based on the instructor/account holder's settings. GoReact also does not share any student's grading with other users—only the student and instructors/reviewers may see that information.

For more on privacy, see our Privacy Policy.

For more on security and compliance, see our Compliance page.

How good is the video and audio quality?

Video on GoReact will by default record to a 360p quality setting (same as YouTube standard). While it will not record higher resolutions due to bandwidth and storage considerations, using an HD-quality webcam will typically result in crisper 360p video than a standard webcam. Audio quality is determined by the quality and placement of the microphone connected to the webcam.

As a general rule of thumb, you can expect GoReact recording results to be similar to whatever quality you can get using Skype from the same computer.

What do I need on my computer?

GoReact works great on either Windows or Mac, and runs entirely in your web browser. As a cloud-based service, there’s no software to install. All you need is internet access. To record, you’ll need Adobe Flash to be enabled in your browser as well as a connected webcam (see What cameras work with GoReact?).

For best results, here's what you should have on your computer:

  • OS: Windows 7 and up or Mac OSX (current or most recent previous version).
  • Web browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge (current or most recent previous version). 
    Note: GoReact is not supported on IE 10, IE 11, Safari 8 or older versions of either browser.
  • Adobe Flash (current version) and webcam if doing live PC recording.
  • PC hardware: for best performance, processor and video card should be less than 3 years old, and you should have at least 4GB of RAM.
  • For Chromebook users: GoReact's video features can be resource-intensive. Due to the widely varying hardware and (often limited) system resources in Chromebooks, your experience with GoReact may vary. In our testing, newer, more robust Chromebooks generally perform fine, while older or more limited Chromebooks will struggle. If your GoReact experience on a Chromebook isn't satisfactory, you'll most likely need to use a different device.
  • Windows RT tablets are unsupported and will generally not work with GoReact.
  • Please make sure to disable any ad and script blockers (or whitelist www.goreact.com) as these can interfere with GoReact's functionality.

Source media requirements note: For recording/playback of videos paired with Source Media, the requirement for a newer computer is more significant since it is processing 2 videos simultaneously.  Note that source/response videos are currently not supported on mobile devices. For more information, see the Stimulus Media page.

Network considerations

Baseline internet speeds should be at least 1.5Mbps download and 0.5Mbps upload with a consistent signal for successful recording (up) and playback (down). You can test your current speed at https://www.speedtest.net

If you are running into unexpected behavior, network/IT administrators should ensure the following are available for users:

  • Ports 80 & 443 (should be standard, we'd think...)
  • Port 1935 (for RTMP Flash recording—will fall back to 443, but better if 1935 is open)
  • Do not block the host pubnub.com, which provides CDN/connectivity services to the GoReact application

Does GoReact work with mobile devices?

GoReact is designed in HTML5 in order to work on mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. Further optimization for mobile devices will be happening over coming months. Live web recording and Stimulus Video Response requires a PC, although you may of course record with your mobile device's camera and upload your video using your mobile browser.

For best results, here's what you should have on your mobile device:

  • iOS or Android operating system (current or most recent previous version)
  • A Wi-Fi connection is strongly recommended instead of data for video uploads on mobile devices (they can be big files.)


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