Inviting users to your course


How do I invite users?
Using the Group Join link
Inviting individuals by role
How do I remove a user?

 How do I invite users?

(Note that inviting students to your class is no longer required. Once a course is created, students can now self-register by selecting "Course Registration" from the course dropdown menu. You may still use the "Invite Users" option for students, if you wish, or if you need to add other users to your course as described below.)

GoReact uses an optional invitation system to register other users (student presenters, teaching assistants, or other instructors) to your course, folder or account.

To invite users, click the dropdown menu at the top left corner of the dashboard.  Click the ellipses button next to the course or account you want to invite them to and select Manage Users.   Click the Invite Users button at the top right and you'll see a popup window referencing the course or account you're inviting users to along with the following options:



Using the Group Join link

This is a way to share one link with all of the students in your course. You can copy the Group Join Link and email it to the student group or post it to your course page in Blackboard, Canvas, etc.  Please note:  each Group Join Link is unique and is only good for the course that you copied the link from.  You cannot use the same join link for multiple courses and join links cannot be used by instructors/TAs or admins.

  • New users will click this link to register themselves for GoReact and be automatically added to this course as a Presenter.
  • Presenters with existing accounts will be added automatically to this course when they click the link and confirm their login.
  • If you need to generate a new Join Link for your course, click this button . You can use this if you do not wish the current link to be used for any reason or if the previous join link has expired.


Inviting individuals by role

To invite students individually, or to invite other Instructors, Reviewers, or Admins, you need to send a personal Invite. 

Enter one or more email addresses separated by a comma or semicolon and choose the Role (permission level) you want to give this set of invited users. Each user will receive an email with a personalized link to register for your course with the indicated Role.

Permissions Note: Be sure you understand what permission functions you are granting to your invited users. See our User permission levels guide for details.


How do I remove an unwanted user from my course?

If you have an unwanted user in your course or folder, instructors and admins can remove them by selecting the dropdown menu at the top left corner of the dashboard and clicking the ellipses button next to the course/folder name.  Select Manage Users, then click the red X next to the user's name on the list.

If you wish to disable a group invitation after it's been sent (perhaps you want to change the roles you have assigned), you can do so as well. From the "Invite Users" window for that Course or Folder, click the "Generate New Join Link"  button. This will immediately deactivate the link you previously distributed and generate a new registration link, which you can now distribute.

Note: You will need to provide this new link to anyone who was previously invited to your course but has not yet registered. Or, if you are re-assigning user roles, you will need to remove those users as indicated above and provide them with the new invitation.



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