Adding attachments to your video

Sometimes you might need additional supporting materials for your video submission. Did you know you can add any type of file as an attachment to your videos?

(Note: They must be locally saved files—you can't submit Google Docs or other cloud-based files.)


Adding attachments to your video: 

Uploading a video

If you want to add an attachment to a video that you are uploading, you can add it as soon as your video finishes processing. Just click "Save" on the bottom right and then upload your attachment by treating it like an Already Posted Video explained below. 

Already posted video

You can add additional files to your video that has already been uploaded or recorded by selecting your video in the dashboard and choosing "Edit" from the menu on the far right (three vertical dots). Then, click the "Add Attachment" button under Presenter Attachments to upload your file(s). When adding an attachment to your video, GoReact generally accepts all file types except .exe files. 



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