Managing Activities


Managing Activities

(Not available in LMS integrations)

How do I copy Activities from a previous course?

If you've set up several activities with instructions, options, Rubrics, and/or source media in a previous course and would like to copy them all over to your new course, you can do that easily: 

  • If you are creating a new course, just select the course you wish to copy from in the "New Course" settings window.
  • If you have already created a course, you can click the "Edit Settings" button next to the course name and you'll see the same "Copy Activities" option on that screen.


When copying activities from a previous course, if you had due dates assigned to them, we will use the start dates of your old and new courses to estimate the new due dates for the activities being copied in. We will display these automatically in the expanded activity panel. Please make sure to check these and adjust if needed! (For more on setting up courses, see Course/Folder setup.)

Managing Activities

You can expand your Activity panel (lower left panel of your Dashboard) using the "arrow" button at the top right of the panel. When expanded, you'll see the Activity Manager view.

This view allows you to see more Activity settings at a glance and manage the due dates all at once.


When finished, click "Close" and the normal left-side panels will appear.



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