GoReact in your LMS


Using the GoReact tool in your LMS.

We're excited to have you use GoReact in your LMS and want to ensure you have a smooth and trouble-free experience!  To help avoid any confusion for you or your students, please note the following: 

  1. First and foremost, you cannot use goreact.com and the GoReact tool in your LMS for the same course.  Goreact.com and your LMS are separate and distinct systems.  
    • This means that all content (courses, activities, videos, feedback, etc.) created in your LMS will only be available there and not on goreact.com.
    • You and your students must log into your LMS to access your course.
  2. While content created in your LMS is not accessible on goreact.com, if you have existing Library items and/or Activities on goreact.com, you may copy that content into your LMS.
    • When you first create an assignment in your LMS course, under "Copy Activities from a previous course" click the red "Sign In" button.  You can then select a course from all activities created on your goreact.com account in addition to any activities previously created in your LMS.  
    • Clicking the Library button at the bottom of the dashboard will also now include your goreact.com Library items.
  3. Students must click into a GoReact assignment in order to submit their videos.  This is also required for grade passback to work correctly.  
    • GoReact does not receive your student roster until students have clicked into an assignment.
    •  Students must create their own video sessions in order for grades to be passed to your LMS.
    •  If the instructor records for a student and then adds them as a presenter, grades will not be passed.  (This is a limitation of the LTI specification.)
  1. Student payments and access codes must be submitted from within the course in your LMS. 
  2. Currently, the GoReact Recorder mobile app does not work with LMS's.

See our guides here for how to set up GoReact in your Canvas account and course.


Seeing an error message?

If you're seeing an error message indicating that your key/secret is incorrect, please re-enter the shared secret as follows:

  1. In Canvas, click Settings > View App Configurations
  2. Click the gear icon next to GoReact and then click Edit
  3. Re-enter the shared secret "goreact" without the quotes, all lower case.
  4. Click Submit and you should now be able to access the GoReact tool.
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